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Everything You Need to Know About Daytime Somnolence

Quality Sleep is essential for the smooth functioning of the brain and recharges the body. Daytime Somnolence is a cause of concern, and Modalert 100 mg is the cure of the problem. In case of any concerns and queries, consult your doctor.

Excessive sleepiness is an issue in the following cases:

  • Trouble while waking up in the morning.
  • Falling asleep during waking hours.
  • Sleep doesn’t go away after taking naps.

If you have been dragging yourself throughout the day. It might be due to the following:

  • Loss of Appetite.
  • Poor concentration or habit of forgetfulness.
  • Feelings of irritability or anxiety.

Almost 20% of the adults are struggling with it, and the numbers have been rising since then. The daytime sleepiness worsens because it gives rise to bigger issues, including Narcolepsy and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Different individuals experience daytime sleepiness due to different reasons. Modalert 100 mg is the only cure for excessive daytime sleepiness.

How does Modalert 100 mg works?

Modalert 100 mg works by releasing chemical messengers, thereby exerting a stimulant effect on the brain. The chemical messengers in the brain keep us active for prolonged periods.

Expert Recommendations on Modalert tablets

  • Take medicine an hour before you need to stay fully awake.
  • Reduce caffeine intake.
  • Withdrawal effects after quitting the medicine all of a sudden.
  • Taking the pill with alcohol might worsen your condition.
  • Don’t take medicine if allergic to any of its ingredients.
  • Pause activities, including driving or operating heavy machinery after consuming the medicine.
  • Talk to the doctor in any of the following cases:
  1. Breastfeeding.
  2. Pregnancy.
  3. Pre-Existing health conditions, especially heart or liver problems.
  • Children below 18 years should avoid consuming Modalert tablets at all costs.

Is missing dose a problem?

At times we forget to take the dose at the exact time.No need to worry about it take the next one. Taking double doses is strictly forbidden.

Are there any side effects of Modalert 100 mg?

Not everyone experiences side effects from Modalert 100 mg tablets. This is another positive trait of the medicine which has added to the list. However, you may experience some common side effects listed below:

  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Back Pain
  • Feeling anxious

It is the tablets taking some time to adjust in the body. These possible side effects would go away over time. If they don’t go away consulting the doctor would be the best option.

Where to Buy Modalert 100 mg tablets from?

If you will order Modalert online from an unauthorized site, there is no guarantee of the medicine’s ingredients. At times you receive medicines that are cracked, chipped, or mishandled. Buy Modafinil Australia and get what you have ordered.


Daytime sleepiness becomes an impediment at work or while performing day to day tasks with Modalert. Along with the tablets, some relaxing techniques can help you get restful sleep and increase your attention span at work.

Enhance your productivity and wave goodbye to excessive drowsiness that has been troubling you for a long time.