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Frequently asked question

Frequently asked question


Modafinil is one of the game changers if the customers are not getting enough sleep. The tablet primarily affects the wakefulness, mental alertness and the cognitive enhancement. The tablet react as per the normal sleep routine and takes in demand the situation of the customers. The patients are looking for something that keeps them alive and awake when they want to complete the projects on their own. You will have a normal sleep routine with the help of the tablet and it is mostly used by the customers who want to study during the night time, want the project to be done quickly, or night shifts.

We offer anti-sleeping pills of two different brands Modafinil and Armodafinil. Modafinil brand Consists Modalert and Modivigil. Armodafinil brand consist Artivigil and Waklert.

It is distinct from the other manufacturers as we use only the genuine sourced Modafinil products for our customers. For us, customer will always remain the king. We are one of the leading vendors who accept VISA & Mastercard payments and also offer refunds, ultra fast tracking, free international shipping services for all the orders. Also, we use the best packaging services to ensure that all the items of the customers are safe and secure.

We would like to ensure our customers that we have used the secure and the dedicatedly managed data encrypted servers to ensure complete protection for the personal and the payment details of the customers. We are living in those times where data security is of paramount importance and for this our website has been customized to ensure the safety and the security against all the internal and the external attacks. Furthermore, we also believe in the privacy of the data and how we can keep this data safe and secure from the attacks of the enemies. Modafinil promises not to share or leak any of the information of the customers to any random databases. The customers can trust us easily and go forward with the same security mindset that we have made for them. The payment processors also have the same security methods that have been approved for the customers with the SSL certified and the encrypted processes. You should trust that your safety will always be our responsibility.

It offers treatments for the insomnia and various other sleeping disorders.

We serve our customers with the quality Modafinil. We are basically here to help out our customers whenever the time comes. Also, we do not certify the genuineness of the online pharmacy. We would only tell you to super charge your brains that will be our call for our customers. We always keep it very simple.

The website is safe and sound with all the online pharmacy services designed especially for the customers who are looking for it.


The customers would be delighted to know that there are no shipping charges for the customers. It is totally free.

If you need the orders quick, we use express mail to ship the products. We also use a registered mail to ship out the products as it depends upon on your locations as well.

The order is dispatched from the shop as soon as the payment is credited into our accounts.

There is always a standard time that is provided to the customers on the shipment. The customers are updated as per the shipment of the product. However, if the order has not arrived still, the customers must contact the customer support immediately.

How to order from us?

The customers can place an order on the website by ordering the product directly from the website and making the payment as required.

Answer: - The initial step of the Modafinil4australia is to decide whether we have what you wish to Order. You can do this by browsing through our Modafinil products.

If you are unable to find the product you want to order, don't worry just send us an e-mail to support@modafinil4australia.net 

Answer: - When the item is chosen, press 'add to cart' option. This will open the 'Checkout' page. From here you can easily register as a new customer (by filling up your e-mail address, Username, and password) or login if you are an existing customer. If you ever run into problems during this process or have any questions while placing your order, be sure to contact us – we are always available for 24 hours a day 7 days a week via our WhatsApp number +61 488 858 186 to assure that we are always there whenever you need any assistance from us.

Answer: - Once they get the receipt of your order details they will fulfill and ship the order as soon as possible. Our goal is to always assure that you got your order within our delivery days and if we are unable to achieve this goal for some reason we will inform you. For us, Customer satisfaction is very important to us that's why we are always working around the clock to assure that everything goes smoothly.

Answer: Once they shipped your order, they will update your account with the shipping and tracking details so that you may monitor all the activity until delivery. Please note that every shipment is not traceable, at least not right away. Shipments are only traceable when they cleared your country's customs department. If the shipment did not arrive during posted delivery times, then you should easily contact us so we can issue submit a ticket, or refund as per our guarantee.

Answer: - This is the final step to the Modafinil service process. You receive your product, we complete the service.

Order & Delivery

The order is expected within two working days and it all depends upon the location where you are living.

The customers might receive a refund or reshipment for the customers who have provided experience evidence or proof regarding the same thing. However, if you want to know about the process, you must visit the refund policy page for more details.

The customers can cancel the order before receiving the information about the dispatch as once the order has been shipped, there will be no cancellations.

We use Australia Post Delivery partner for on-time and fast delivery.

While the order usually takes 2 working days to reach you usually, it also depends on your location. Also, the current COVID-19 situation has heavily affected deliveries due to which your order may take up to 18 to 25 days to reach you.


We take order payment online via BANK WIRE TRANSFER and Bitcoin as well

No. We here at Modafinil4Australia believe that the worth you see, is the worth you pay. Everything considered, there are no hidden costs or charges – guaranteed!