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We avail this website based on "as is" and "as available" conditions. Thus all the published content on our website contains general information. We do not claim any warranties in terms of any implications. Thus, the reliability, completeness, and accuracy of information provided for any particular purpose do not have any warranty. This includes oral advice and written information on the site or provided by our associates, employees, officers, directors, Merchants, etc. We ensure that our services reach all the safety parameters expected from an online pharmacy site. The medium of our services; the manufacturers have certified facilities and qualified pharmaceutical experts to provide consumers with safe medical care.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Australia exercises enforcement discretion to allow consumers to order products under limited conditions (of a restricted time). Thus, under this provision, many people can bring vital drugs to the country for severe medical conditions that haven't been commercialized to the residents.

The medicines that fall under this category are mostly for personal use. Therefore, it shall not be commercially transported, imported by mail, or should not be used for resale purposes. Mostly these products are unavailable in your country. Therefore, Modafinil 4 Australia is not responsible for legal actions like seizure, forfeiture, or auction. Any legal notice shall be directly forwarded to the purchaser.

This is to inform every visitor or customer of the site that the brand name used under "Modafinil 4 Australia" only plays the role of a guide. The further mentions of the brand name listed under the "similar in composition to" next to the marketed drug "our brand" is only used to spread awareness and general information for the potential clients. Thus, it is advised not to assume that the website intends to highlight the "similar in composition" to drug brands. Users should also note that our website is not affiliated with the drug's producers or distributors. In addition, the website or its owner is not responsible for the sage and effects of any medicine mentioned on the website.

Furthermore, our website does not intend to use any trademark of the drug with "similar in composition to" features as it is not offering any "similar in composition to" products for sale to its potential customers. Instead, our websites only disseminate information most likely known by the common public. It has no connection with the trademark used by the "similar in composition to." Users should note that "our brand" refers to the brand we supply. If the brand listed under "our brand" is not readily available, we will offer any other brand from a reputable company. It is mentioned that we are not endorsing any specific brand by mentioning its name anywhere on its website. Thus we are not making claims of any patents or trade names that the relevant manufacturer or patent holder may own.

All contents available on the site, including details about ailments, products, and therapies related to medicine and health, are provided solely for informational purposes. It is often presented in aggregate or summary form. It is not intended to replace the guidance of a medical expert like personal doctors or other personal healthcare professionals. This also includes the information in the product, packaging, or labeling.

Visitors or users should note that we do not encourage using the content available on websites for a medical diagnosis or medical prescription. Before using any of the products, it is advised to the consumers to read the information provided by the producer on the label of the products. Always seek the proper consultation from a certified doctor or other healthcare professional. Various dietary supplement information has yet to undergo a strict review. Thus, it is not meant to be used for further diagnosis, treatment, or cure purposes.

Furthermore, we fully disclaim all liability for the truthfulness, relevance, or availability of any information on the website that has links to or from parties unrelated to our site. When using our services or purchasing our products, it is recommended to be cautious when accessing the internet. Thus, we are not liable for any information and the factors such as ( accuracy, compliance, completeness, and reliability) of the content found on the third-party site. This is because some sites use automated search results or link visitors to sites with inappropriate content.

Users of the website agree that using such sites is at the expense of their own risk. Neither our site, its associates, officers, directors, or third-party members related to the website guarantees that the site will be uninterrupted or free of any error, nor does any collective associates of the website warrant the results obtained while using the site.

Links to these websites are not for any form of endorsement of those on other websites. Our website does not provide or imply any form of endorsement of other websites. Thus, the website disclaims any actions taken on such websites. If facing any issue, visitors should contact the administrators of such or any other specific sites.

If you come across such links that are inactive and raise concerns, contact the webmaster. If you landed on our site through another site deemed inappropriate content, don't hesitate to contact the webmaster to evaluate the link.